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Screening Services
We are proud to offer hassle free Screen services.  We will come to you, assess the damage, offer suggestions, offer prices, repair or replace and return to re-install at no extra charge. 
Repair or Replace?
If the frame of your screen is still in good shape but the screen material is faded or worn out you can save money by having them rescreened. We take the old material out and replace it with new material.  Many times we can offer this service on site immediately, avoiding any delay of enjoying the cool breezes.  If the frame is bent you are better off with us replacing it with a new screen.
New Screens
We can also offer to screen your whole house in energy efficient Sun Screens.  Sun Screens are designed to reduce heat transfer through windows by helping to eliminate many of the sun’s harmful rays. Sun screen fabric not only reduces the heat, but plays an important role in glare reduction as well as daytime privacy.  Sun screens also lower your energy costs which virtually pay for the screens within 7 years.  Sun screen material is a woven PVC coated polyester yarn that is formulated to withstand solar abuse. Our sun screens are available in 80% blockage or 90% blockage depending on your needs. We custom build our sun screens to your exact specifications and frames of various colors are available to match closely with your window frame.  There are also various screen colors to choose from.
We have many options, colors and sizes to choose from. 
We also have replacement parts available.
For anyone wanting to tackle the job themselves here are some instructions to help
Things You'll Need: Tape measure, Pen/paper, Corner stakes, Aluminum framing, Hacksaw, Sandpaper, Wire-mesh screen
1.    Decide which kind of screen you would like to make before getting started. Choose between a door screen or a window screen. This will help you determine the height and width of the frame needed.
2.    Measure the size of the opening that you wish to cover with an insect screen. Measure from the inside edges of the opening. Jot down the height and width. If you plan to just sit the screen on the windowsill, add half an inch to the height and one inch to the width. If it's going to be mounted in front of the window, and 1 1/2 inches to the measurements to allow for overlapping. If it will be placed inside of the window, take one centimeter off both the height and width.
3.    Deduct the size of the corner stakes for the frame from your measurements that were made in the previous step. This will be your final measurement. The stakes will hold the frame together and may add a few inches to the corners. It is important to deduct the size to prevent the frame from being too large for the opening.
4.    Cut the frame down to size. Be sure that it is cut to the exact measurements. Measure the frame pieces along the outside edges. Ensure that all of the corners are at 45-degree angles and cut the pieces using a hacksaw. File rough edges with sandpaper.
5.    Put the frame together. Lay all four sides down so that they form a rectangle. Attach corner stakes to the corners of the frame in order to fit tightly and hold the frame together. Tap the corner stakes with a hammer so that they stay in place.
6.    Lay the aluminum screen over the frame and cut it to size. It should be cut about two centimeters wider than the frame. Trim the corners of the screen at a 45-degree angle. Line up the cuts with the corners of the frames.
7.    Push the screen into the grooves of the frame. Start at the corners and bend them slightly to fit into the frame. Do this for all four corners until the frame is secure.
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